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We are a group of Christians committed to God and committed to each other. We understand that in this world we all have problems, we all have heartaches, and we all have dreams. We believe that the Scriptures teach us not only how to live in God's grace and mercy but also how to share the grace and mercy we receive with others around us. Relationships are key. When our relationship with God is right our relationships with one another are good.

Give Christ another look in 2018!

As we start a new year we invite you Give God another look. Our church is starting the year with a fresh look at Jesus through the book of Luke. Our worship service begins at 10.00 AM!
Come join us as we worship and learn of God together.


On 4 Feb. 2018

Pastor Matt

Back in the swing of things

We all love our summer holidays! It is great to relax, rest, and enjoy time away with family and friends. We hope you had a good one! Now it is time to get back at it. The children are in school, the most all of us are back to work, and the church is busy getting back into the swing of things too. We have a full calander with lots happening. We hope you can join us.

Summer time!

As part of His creative week, God made rest on day seven. We hope you are getting the time to find rest this summer. With so many of us off on holidays, we know that the routine is different. This might be a great time to give God another look! Take a relaxed attitude and stroll in some Sunday morning - we may well have other visitors there doing the same. Come and give Jesus another look as we study who He is and What He has done.

Spring is here!

If you missed our Spring Into Corrimal free water, snag, and an afternoon movie we are sorry. We love doing this outreach! The day gives us an opportunity to talk with the community around us. Several people had great conversations about what we as a church are all like and what is important to us. While we invite you to come any Sunday and find out the answer to those common questions, you can also see from this website that we are full of hope and compassion for our God and the people around us. Come give God another look with us!

Spring Into Corrimal Outreach

Once again, our church will be active in reaching out to people who walk past us for Spring Into Corrimal on 10 September 2017! We will have free bottles of water, we are working on a free sausage sizzle, and this year we would like to offer a movie for people to come and enjoy.
The Case For Christ Movie
Head over to our Future Plans page to learn more about the movie, read some reviews, and even be given a couple of links to click.

A change is coming!

As of August 2017 we will begin our Sunday morning worship service at 10AM. We have been meeting at 10.30 for a while, but to increase the opportunity for a cuppa afterwards we will make this change on the first Sunday of August 2017!

Save yourself some money and turn the heat down in your house this Sunday morning.

We will turn the heaters on at church and have some great tasting free coffee and hot chocolate. The friendship in our church is also a great way to forget about the cold. See you soon!

Holiday Kids Club was GREAT!

WOW! That was fun!
The Holiday Kids Club was a success on several levels. We first and foremost had the opportunity to make God known. The church was brought to the attention of the community in a number of ways as we advertised and even had word of mouth recommendations spreading around the community. We are grateful to our sister church Emmanuel Baptist Church of Glenwood NSW for helping with the worker staff.

Passion Week is almost here!

As the secular people in our society get ready to focus on things like the Royal Easter Show, chocolate, and hot cross buns, the Christian church looks to focus on the one event that changed mankind forever - the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This Easter season we will have the Holiday Kids Club for K-6th, our Easter Hymn Sing on Good Friday evening at 7PM, and we will top it all off with a 9AM Resurrection Sunday morning service. We sure hope you can join us or will at least consider dropping in!

The year marches on

I have often wondered how the years go by so quickly. The older I get the more I understand how I tend to overload my life with tasks, worries and work that really is not mine to do. Then, when I have time to look back I am amazed at the speed at which time travels.

I was struck recently by Philippians 4.5 that says, "Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand." It is never reasonable to be so busy that we don't have time for the important things in life: faith, family and friends. Join us as we seek together to have relationships that show we are reasonable through hope and compassion.

February brings a return to school and work

If you have been fortunate enough to have some time away during the summer we hope you enjoyed it. Rest is an important part of life.

At LHBC we are here to help people give God another look. If you want to consider God once again, please come join us. We seek to make God known and draw close to Him through worship. Even our study of the Word of God, the Bible, is designed to help us adjust our lives to worship Him better.

2017 begins!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the new year. Many people are talking about new beginnings. The Bible loves talking about new beginings. The book of 2 Corinthians tells us that if we are in Christ we are a new creation. We are literally made new. While you may know Christians who do not live like they are made new by God, we all have that opportunity in Christ. Churches are full of broken people who admit they are broken.

Our church focuses on hope and compassion. Maybe this year you should join us as we are broken together in search of not only looking for these qualities for ourselves, but also get involved in sharing the truth of God's Word in order to bring hope and compassion to the lives of others.

Happy New Year!

On 1 December 2016

Pastor Matt

Christmas 2016

Christmas is one of the top two holidays of Christianity! We celebrate the birth of Jesus because He is the one who changed world history. He is the one who came to live a life as a perfect example of what God expects, because He was and is God in the flesh, and then to complete His life by paying the penalty for sin - because He had no sin of His own to pay for, His death can be a substitute for others.
Presents are often associated with Christmas because Jesus is known to Christians as the Gift of God.
While all this can sound a bit deep, we would like to invite you to visit our church any Sunday this month as we study "The Glory of The Story!"

We wish you a Christ-centred Merry Christmas!We wish you a
Merry Christmas!

Generosity Sunday & Giving Tuesday

The Bible has a lot to say about how we use our money and how important it is to be generous with those in need. As a church we want to promote right living by celebrating these two days - Generosity Sunday 27 November (Just after Black Friday) and Giving Tuesday 29 November (just after Cyber Monday).
We will have a special offering at our church to give towards building a new fence around the back yard of the manse. We also hope to have the property open on Giving Tuesday for those who would like to give without using cash. you can give of your time for any one of a number of projects around the church. Rain or shine we hope to see you out for one or both of these days!


Rememberance Day

People across our country paused to remember our veterans and active serving personnel in 11 / 11 ceremonies across our country and around the world. Personally, I and my wife visited the Diggers Rest Home here in Corrimal and took part in their service. Once again it was a moving time as we reflected on all that has been done, and continues to be done, so that we can live free.
I recently had the opportunity to watch Hacksaw Ridge, the new Mel Gibson movie (partly because I wanted to see the old chairs that the church sold the set director as props for the theatre scene and partly because I heard that it was a good movie). The gruesomeness of war is so inhumane. I pray that our leaders will find a quick way to end the war in the Middle East and find new ways to protect our citizens from having to face that horrible situation ever again.
In the mean time we remember them - Lest we forget!


Current Sunday Study

Every Sunday morning we meet together to worship God in music, giving, fellowship, and yes in the way we study His word.

With Christmas now complete (check out the Audio page) we turn our focus to the life of Jesus Christ to start the year.

Jan 2018

What Child Is This? An honest look at the person and events of the life of Christ.

Join with us.
Each service starts 10.00 AM.

  • 7 - What Child Is This?
  • 15 - Special Speaker
  • 22 -What Child Is This?
  • 29 - Special speaker

  • In Philippians we looked at

    Authentic Attitudes
    Real Relationships.

    God has blessed us with many studies in this very encouraging and challenging book of the Bible!  You can find a recording of most of these on the Audio page of this website.

    Please join us for a thought-provoking and life-changing time as we study the Bible together each Sunday morning at 10.00 AM.

    Because we hold the Bible as the inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of God, it is important to know not only what it says, but also what it means, how it relates to society today, and how I should live.



    Our Stand on The National Day of Thanks 

    We believe the Bible teaches us to be a thankful people. As such, we have saught to celebrate Australia's National Day Of Thanks since the church restarted in 2010.

    We are excited about the new choice for national Ambassador. Colin Buchanan is a Christian singer, songwriter and childrenís entertainer. He will do a great job of supporting our National Day of Thanks.

    This year the Australia celebrates our NATIONAL DAY OF THANKS on 27-18 of May. Our church will be holding a special service. Come join us we are thankful together.
    Australia's National Day of Thanks

    Our Stand on Marriage

    We believe the Bible teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman as designed by God. Not only does God speak about it in Genesis, Jesus Christ also spoke about it and blessed a wedding by attending one.

    We hate no one! We are not bigots. We just want the freedom to practice our religion, (inside and outside of our church) and the right to say what we believe is an absolute truth. We acknowledge the SSM vote. While we wished for a different outcome, we respect the fact that we live in a democracy.

    Legally here in Australia we are also bound by the laws of this country. The Marriage Act was good as it existed. Marriage is not only about love. Please join with us in prayer that the nation will make right choices for right reasons and that our politicians will be skillful in all they do.

    Australia's Marriage Act

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    May 2017:

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    Do you need some post-school holidays and pre-Motherís Day pampering???

    Come join us!
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